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Dr. Erikca Brown

Dr. Erikca Brown is an Equity & Education Consultant who works with organizations, institutions, and communities to build cultural competency and disrupt injustices to advance racial equity through capacity building. Dr. Brown's goal as a consultant is to create equitable and inclusive environments that provide access to all, specifically traditionally marginalized people groups.

Dr. Brown believes equity work is non-negotiable and must be embedded within the very fabric of the organization, institution, school, and/or district. Working collaboratively with shareholders (faculty, staff, administrators, teachers, employees, and community members), Dr. Brown uses high-impact practices, grounded in theoretical frameworks that center the affirmation of the dignity and respect for the complexity of the intersectionality of individuals' identities, with the goal of equity, access, inclusion, and diversity.

​By tackling complex, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic issues through an equity lens, Dr. Brown supports shareholders in the investigation of covert and overt racism, increasing awareness of explicit v. implicit bias, and delving into the intent and impact of micro-aggressions, as well as examining the ways in which non-minority group members can leverage their privilege to be an advocate to serve as an ally for marginalized groups. It is through these processes Dr. Brown will assist and promote the growth and success of diverse populations, within organizations and institutions.



​Consulting &

  • Climate and Culture Assessment

  • Strategic Planning for the Development and Initiation of DEI Programming

  • Pre- & Post Program Assessments 

  • Facilitation in the Collection of Stakeholder Voice

  • Facilitation of Internal Audit (Qualitative)

  • Support in the development of data driven measurable targets/goals

Keynote Speaker, Seminar & Workshop Presentations

  • What Does it Mean to Flourish

  • Deconstructing Bias

  • Understanding Marginalization and Privilege

  • Micro-aggressions in the Workplace

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy:

  • Breaking Barriers that Perpetuate Disparities
    *Please reach out for additional keynote topics/titles

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training/Facilitation

​I provide professional development opportunities in order to build capacity in the areas of equity. Engaging, experiential and transformative, professional learning experiences utilize evidence-based practices for engaging adult learners. Let me assist you with your professional development needs.

All services are provided in an individual consultation, workshop, face-to-face, and/or hybrid/online format with online courses coming soon! Do you want to stay updated with Dr. Erikca Brown's work? Subscribe below!

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"I liked Dr. Brown very much. Her voice, knowledge, and enthusiasm were excellent."

"Dr. Brown is an excellent, super positive, encouraging discussion leader."

"Dr. Brown sets a safe environment for groups to discuss race even though it is an uncomfortable topic to have in large groups."

"Dr. Brown provides a safe and compassionate space."

"Great Presenter. Comfortable conversations about discomfort. Safe space.

I thought Dr. Brown was good at shifting my thoughts."
"Dr. Erikca was an amazing facilitator! She created a safe space where everyone’s voice was heard. Thank you!"

"Dr. Brown is a beautiful facilitator. I really appreciated her moves and bearing witness to our strong, powerful leaders."

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