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About Me

Erikca Brown, PhD


Dr. Erikca Brown received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Grand Canyon University and a Masters of Arts in Education from Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Brown received her doctorate in Education, emphasis in culture and learning from Claremont Graduate University. Wherein she examined African American K-12 teachers experiences with racial micro aggression and their degree of job satisfaction.  


Dr. Brown's research has focused on instances of micro aggressions in teacher-student, teacher-teacher and teacher-administrator interactions. Micro aggressions, a more subtle form of racism, are negative assupmtions made about people that limits their value and worth and infects many workplaces. These sublte slights against minority members of an organization who lack congruency with majority group members result in students, teachers, and administrators who experience feelings of frustration, exhaustion, and fatigue.

“…the more one loves teaching, the more heartbreaking it can be. The courage to teach is the courage to keep one’s heart open in those very moments when the heart is asked to hold more than it is able so that teacher and students and subject can be woven into the fabric of community that learning, and living, require.” – 


Parker J. Palmer

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