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Dr. Erikca Brown

Equity & Education Consultant 

  • Speaker/Educator 

  • Equity Trainer

  • Equity Consultant

  • K-16 Professional Development Specialist

  • Culturally Relevant Curriculum Development

  • Culturally Responsive Specialist

  • Instructional Coordinator

  • Coaching for Leadership


individual consultation


face-to-face and

hybrid/online mode


What I Do

Dr. Erikca Brown works with organizations, institutions, and communities to build cultural competency and disrupt injustices to advance racial equity through capacity building. Dr. Erikca Brown's goal as a consultant is to create equitable and inclusive environments that provides access to all, specifically traditionally marginalized people groups.

Dr. Brown believes equity work is non-negotiable and must be embedded within the very fabric of the organization, institution, school &/or district. Working collaboratively with shareholders (faculty, staff, administrators, teachers, employees, and community members), Dr. Brown uses high-impact practices, grounded in theoretical frameworks that centers the affirmation of the dignity and respect for the complexity of the intersectionality of individuals identities, with the goal of equity, access, inclusion, and diversity.



By tackling complex,  intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic issues through an equity lens, Dr. Brown supports shareholders in the investigation of covert and overt racism, increase awareness of explicit v. implicit bias, and delves into the intent and impact of micro-aggressions, as well as examines the ways in which non-minority group members can leverage their privilege to be an advocate to serve as an ally for marginalized people groups. It is through these processes Dr. Brown will assist and promote the growth and success of a diverse populations, within organizations and institutions, 

Current Publication:



My piece African American Teachers Experiences with Racial Micro-Aggressions is free to view via: 

View the video abstract:

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