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The following images demonstrate the way in which students of color are responding to racial micro-aggressions. Four students who share the same last name of Nguyen, a common Vietnamese surname, used their yearbook quote to make a profound statement, "WE ARE NOT RELATED" in response to constantly being asked about their relationship.

Frequently, individuals experiencing a racial micro-aggression experience a wide range of cognitive responses. First the individual determines whether what they have experienced is a micro-aggression. This decision is based upon their own life experiences. Next, the individual must decide how to react or proceed. The typical response is to ignore the micro-aggression and the subsequent feelings of anger and frustration. However, these four students choose to speak out and now their message has gone viral.

However, this is not the first time students of color have publicly taken a stance against micro-aggressions, in 2012 eight students from a San Jose high school also shared the same last name of Nguyen responded with a very similar yearbook quote "We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not related!"

How do you respond to micro-aggressions?

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